Mustang – True Denim
We are untamed
We believe that freedom and adventure is not a question of age.
Deeply anchored in our DNA, MUSTANG lives and represents authenticity, self-determination and strength of character.

We draw from ourselves
Our extraordinary heritage is the pool from which we generate the ideas for our future.
We create instead of copying. We are our own benchmark.

We are the end of the search
We support the denim passion of our customers and know their understanding of how to make the best jeans.
It is our ambition to end our customers' search for the ultimate denimwear.

We are style-tight
Beyond taste preferences, our style is firmly anchored in clearly defined cornerstones.
This boundary marks our expression in all channels and is untouchable.

We are uncompromising
With the self-image of a specialist, we think everything out of the denim.
We remain true to ourselves and consciously say NO to everything that does not fit our positioning.

We are thoroughly honest
We know who we are and where we want to go. We don't let ourselves be driven by external influences and communicate honestly and clearly.

Discover MUSTANG.