Sustainability anchored in tradition
How is it possible to successfully produce belts and accessories in Germany today?
The management of Bazlen got the answer to this question for four generations. The advantages of Germany as a business location were recognized early on.
With development and production under one roof, the company can react quickly to current market conditions and offer a very high delivery performance.
This is why retailers and fashion brands alike value the family business Bazlen as an uncompromisingly reliable partner.

Social and ecological responsibility is important to us and we face up to it every day.

The voluntary commitment to produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner demonstrates the high degree of responsibility that the company assumes. It invests in the environment in order to conserve resources, avoid emissions and at the same time strengthen the economic efficiency of the site. This commitment is an important step towards strengthening and securing the future of the family business and that of its employees. The traditional company also demands this awareness from its suppliers. Their leather, clasps and all other materials are only processed if ecological and social standards are met and certified accordingly.